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About the Teen Room

Teens in 7th grade-12th grade can come to the Teen Room, a space built just for teens. During weekdays in the academic school year, 2:30-5:00 pm, Monday-Friday on school days, the Teen Room is teens in 7th-12th grade. You can attend a fun program, read books & magazines, play Minecraft on our Macs, play xBox, play checkers or chess, or just hang out with your friends. Group Study rooms are a High School student only space where you can hang out with friends, work on a group project, or study.


Recurring Events & Programs

The Teen Librarian & Children’s Librarians usually have 2-3 programs each week; teens in grades 7-12 are welcome to come to these fun & free events.

Every Friday (when there is school) there is a different drop in Teen Friday event. Sometimes it is a movie showing, trivia contest, Minute to Win It games, bingo, scavenger hunts, snack shack food days, and much more.

There is a monthly Teen Nutmeg book discussion on one Tuesday each month. Teens in Grade 7+ snack and discuss the Nutmeg book. Some Avon Middle School 7th grade English teachers give extra credit for attending, some of the 8th grade English teachers give homework passes for attending.

Teen Crafter’s Club happens on one Wednesday a month. Crafty teens get to create fun and cute projects that teach them what to do and can inspire to create on their own works and creativity.

Teen Creative Art is with our resident artist and Children’s Library Specialist, Miss Mary Fletcher. She provides all the art supplies and teens can create with different art materials each month.

Teen Games Unplugged happens twice a month. Teens play dynamic and fun group and board games.

Teen Advisory Board (TAB) is a group of older teens in high school who meet and discuss how they want to shape the Teen Room. Teens snack and discuss future programs, which books to buy, as well as test out fun craft and game ideas before they become a program.  TAB meets on a Tuesday night from 6:00-8:00 pm, usually towards the end of the month. TAB is a great way for high schoolers to get a fun & easy two hours of community service volunteer hours.


Teen Room Rules

Using the Teen Room afterschool, each teen makes out a sign in card on their first visit and signs the back agreeing to the Library & Teen Area Rules:

I promise to respect other teens, staff, other patrons, with my words and actions.

I agree to: no swearing, disrespectful, inappropriate language.

I promise to respect the Teen Room, the library property and grounds.

I agree to: no fighting, no rough housing, no hitting, throwing. ABSOLUTELY NO BULLYING.

I agree to: no kissing, lying or sitting on one another, or any other PDA.

Eating and drinking is allowed at the tables. RESEALABLE DRINKS ONLY (twist cap drinks. No open cans.)

When I am in the library building and grounds, I am held to the general library behavior policy.

Teens may receive up to 2 warnings, though at any time if teens violate any of these rules to poor choices, it will be grounds for being asked to leave the Teen Room as well as the library building AND their parent/guardian will be called.


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