All ages, free admission. No registration. Cosplay encouraged.

April 27, 2019 11am-4pm

AvonCon 2019’s theme is Harry Potter!

Help us make #AvonCon2019 amazing! It’s our fifth year!

Please contact Tina Panik or Marisa Hicking if you would like to submit a program idea or concept.


#AvonCon2018 was attended by 855 people with a fairy tale theme;

#AvonCon2017 was attended by 1000 people with a villains theme;

#AvonCon2016 was attended by 850 people with a graphics novel theme and featuring the talents of Scott McCloud;

#AvonCon2015 our first year, had attendance of 650, and started us on this epic adventure!


There are no upcoming events at this time.



  • Thank you for a great AvonCon 2017

    Posted on 2017-04-22 04:42

    Rise of the Villains, AVONCON 2017 was a blast!

    Thank you to our presenters:

    Bill Dougal, caricatures
    The hosts of the Brick City Brockade Star Wars Podcasts
    Matt Ryan, draw-off event and a kids art workshop on
    “How draw The Joker and Harley!”
    ConnLUG: Lego Enthusiasts of CT
    Matt Herring, Doctor Who 101
    Brian LeTendre, “Creating a Good Villain”
    Dr. Stuart Barnett, “Moriarty as Meme”
    (aka: the bad guy who gets mentioned once and becomes iconic)
    Super Fan Nick Mills, “Negan of the Walking Dead”
    Avon High School Anime Club

    Plus the Jedis of Ju Long Wushu

    Thank you to our vendors!

    Free Lunch Comics
    Friendly Neighborhood comics
    Comic book collector Tim Gosselin
    Time Machine