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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Photo of Nels Highberg speaking in front of a slide of Henrietta

Led by Dr. Nels Highberg,
University of Hartford
January 16, 2014


Recording of Dr. Highberg's lecture:

  1. Introduction: Glenn Grube, Nels Highberg (5:23) mp3
  2. Who was Henrietta? (4:42) mp3
  3. Who was George Gey? (7:41) mp3
  4. Rebecca Skloot (3:28) mp3
  5. Questions to consider (0:47) mp3
  6. What is Literary Journalism? (4:11) mp3
  7. Was Rebecca too kind? (1:04) mp3
  8. Tuskegee, Southam, Slavin (9:53) mp3
  9. Deborah Lacks (4:18) mp3
  10. The idea of trust (4:39) mp3
  11. Modern relevance (5:26) mp3

Download the entire lecture as a .zip file


What is Medical Ethics?

Photo of Thomas Robey speaking in front of a slide of Henrietta

Presented by Dr. Thomas Robey,
Waterbury Hospital's Ethics Committee
January 28, 2014


Recording of Dr. Robey's lecture:

  1. Introduction: Tina Panik, Thomas Robey (3:34) mp3
  2. What is Medical Ethics? (2:05) mp3
  3. Definition and Elements of Medical Ethics (8:54) mp3
  4. Good research is good ethics (4:20) mp3
  5. History of Medical Ethics (3:40) mp3
  6. Principles of Medical Ethics and Henrietta Lacks (6:48) mp3
  7. The Four Boxes (3:34) mp3
  8. The Four Boxes and Henrietta (10:13) mp3
  9. Who governs Medical Ethics? (2:51) mp3
  10. What if Henrietta happened today? (4:58) mp3

Download the entire lecture as a .zip file


Healthcare Law: an Exploration of the
Legal Issues and Complications present in
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Photo of Carranante speaking about healthcare law

Led by Vincenzo Carranante,
Shipman & Goodwin, LLP
February 4, 2014


Recording of Mr. Carranante's lecture:

  1. Introduction: Tina Panik, Vincenzo Carranante(2:35) mp3
  2. Informed consent & Henrietta (6:18) mp3
  3. Federally funded research and the common rule (4:42) mp3
  4. Property rights (2:48) mp3
  5. Case Law, Moore (4:11) mp3
  6. Case Law, Greenberg (2:27) mp3
  7. Case Law, Washington University (2:11) mp3
  8. Tissue and organ market today (3:18) mp3
  9. Privacy (1:50) mp3
  10. CT Laws & Lacks updates (3:54) mp3
  11. The future (1:10) mp3

Download the entire lecture as a .zip file


Civil Rights:
a History through Personal Story

Photo of Miller speaking about Civil Rights

Presented by Deacon Arthur Miller,
Director of Black Catholic Ministries, Archdiocese of Hartford
February 25, 2014


Recording of Deacon Miller's lecture:

  1. Introduction: Tina Panik (1:57) mp3
  2. Emmett Till (5:41) mp3
  3. No Polaroids (1:26) mp3
  4. I never stood up for Victoria (4:42) mp3

After showing the audience clips from the film "Eyes on the Prize," Deacon Miller's microphone went offline. The remainder of his program is not available.

Download the entire lecture as a .zip file


A Conversation with the Lacks Family

Shirley Lacks and Victoria Baptiste,
Moderated by Dr. Robbin Smith of Central CT State University
March 14, 2014


Shirley and Victoria at podium Shirley and Victoria with an image of HeLa cells Shirley, Victoria, and Robbin Smith discussing the book close up of books at book signing people in line to get their books signed Shirley and Victoria signing books
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