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Welcome, Rookie!

If you are new to computers, this page will help get you started.

If you have little or no experience with computers,
try these tutorials:
Computer Basics
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  Glossary of Computer Terms
Using Your Keyboard   What is a "mouse"?


If you are comfy with a mouse, and ready to explore the Internet,
try these tutorials:
Internet for Beginners
How to Read a Webpage

Be Information Savvy
  Use Information Correctly

What can you do on the Internet?

Google Searching for Beginners

Email for Beginners

Social Media Basics

Facebook, Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn,
Pinterest, and more

Blog Basics

Interesting websites to explore on the Internet

Avon Free Public Library

The Internet Public Library

The Internet Movie Database


The White House


Google Maps

The Hartford Courant

The Mayo Clinic


The Weather Channel

Beyond the Basics

How to use a computer to create and print documents, spreadsheets, flyers, presentations, and more!

Microsoft Office Software Tutorials
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and more!


Find a Job Online

Beyond Email

Online Learning from the Avon Free Public Library


Free Foreign Language Courses

Free Online Continuing Education Courses



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